Template 2 • Size: A4 folded into 3 panels

Photo Guidelines

Text Guidelines

Follow these guidelines with the pictures you supply.

It’s good to give us a choice of all.


1) JPEGs at least 2 megabytes in file size.

2) Clear and crisp focus.

3) Faces rather than backs of heads.

4) Happy faces rather than glum!

5) Be careful what we see in the background of your photographs.

6) Informal groups of people rather than folks lined up.

7) If children are in the picture make sure parents or guardians give their permission.

8) Bright weather is best.

9) Show your site off to its best advantage.


Our editors will work on the words you provide, ask for clarifications and re-write for your approval where necessary.


Number of words required indicated on templates.

The pink dashed line indicates the folds.


1) Accuracy is key.

2) Check spelling, especially of names and places.

3) Try to be brief and concise.

4) Keep to advised length

5) Highlight your good points.

6) No false claims.


Headlines and icons have been included in the templates. These are for your guidance. You may want a different order or different subject headings.

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Inner flap

Approximately 90 words

Back Panel

Approximately 30 words

Front Panel

Logo and website

Inside left panel

Approximately 100 words

lnside middle panel

Approximately 50 words

Inside right panel

Approximately 50 words

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